Will Technology adopt sustainable practices in real estate?

The Paris Agreement of 2015, which includes 195 countries that are obligate to curb gas emissions and foster a resilient development for climate issues. When adopting a more sustainable practice in real estate, one the major contributing factors is to decrease the carbon footprint. A more sustainable world will make an impact on a new paradigm shift in technology. The solutions will help benefit the awareness of sustainability.

When bringing technology and sustainability, customers in UAE will become increasingly aware of the real estate and the dynamic relationship between the two. Dubai is emerging in the market and citing utilization of cutting-edge technology for sustainability. The transformation in the country will help emerge different platforms and business to consult in the infrastructure.

Promoting sustainability will be a prominent state for integrated future integrated initiatives and projects for defining the future adopting sustainability.

What do you think will happen with technology and the future of real estate in Dubai?

Comment below your thoughts!

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