Office Spaces In Dubai Centered on Agility

Workplace for the future is truly defined by people and technology. Office spaces will be impacted by occupational needs and requirements. More flexible uses for office spaces need to be adapted for more effective uses for the individual. Businesses are adapting to catering to the individual unlike historically to the traditional corporate business platform.

With the growth of remote working and more technologies has created a more efficient use of existing space through agile working. Tenants are occupying and using smaller overall space, but using it more intelligently. The future of most businesses going through transitions is focused on a blended model. The model entails a traditional core space for the headquarters and agile regional nodes for all other work spaces. This drives overall efficiency and reduces workspace per employee, particularly in the business hub of Dubai where multinationals serve various regional markets and employees travel to customer locations.

Remote working and the greater application of technology has influenced operating metrics for property owners with shorter term leases, plug and play or ready to move options and flexible floor plans. This has attracted a wider base of customers in the market. Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are leading in the demand, due to requiring lower capital expenditure and allows for ease of migration.

Owners will need to forge closer ties with occupiers to collaborate and analyze what is working best for the people that are using the building throughout the day.

Four dimensions of the workplace:

  1. Does organizational culture and structure support flexible and collaborative working?

  2. Are premises and offices geared to flexible and collaborative working?

  3. Does the existing technology support flexible and collaborative working?

  4. Are the right employees working in the right place?

Source: Deloitte Readiness Assessment; Workplace transformation in the digital age

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