How will Dubai attract domestic and foreign investment for economic growth?

Dubai has become a leader in developing a financial and trading hub. To gain competitive advantage in emerging markets promotion of economic activity and growth will be a key factor and contributor. There are future opportunities for development in the region, although Dubai surpasses it’s regional neighbors. To compete with major global hubs throughout the world, the following benchmark analysis will need to be considered:

Key Factors for Attracting Investors:

1.) Improving trading capability will include domestic and foreign market access, border administration efficiency, infrastructure quality, and business environment.

2.) Supporting the creation and growth for start-up and SMEs will include: technology, innovation, education, government funding schemes, and access to finance.

3.) Developing the financial services industry will include a diverse mix of the following: product innovation, asset quality, growth and liquidity, and development of the wealth management industry.

4.) Enhancing capital market activity will include investors to adopt market liquidity and exit opportunities for investors. Transparency and corporate governance will also be embraced to gain leverage. Market infrastructures will also need to be developed and increased for gaining market leverage.

5.) The regulatory framework will also need access to quality and efficiency of institutions. Labour market regulations will need to be embraced for the framework to entice investors both globally and locally.

The key factors for gaining leverage in the domestic and foreign investment for support of economic growth will need to be embraced to be leaders in a constantly competitive emerging market.

Comment below on what you think the investment market will need gaining the competitive advantage!

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