E-commerce will be the success to office spaces globally!

More and more offices across the UAE have seen an interest in office spaces by the increase of registration. SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are increasingly shown interest in new places for their businesses across the UAE. This significant increase shows 90 per cent in companies registering interests in offices for rent and sale in Dubai. Although there is an aftermath of the lockdown, the commercial real estate market has remained resilient for the city of Dubai.

A big significant increase of start-ups has moved into the market especially companies producing sanitation products and medical supplies. Although some companies have down-sized their operations, some have had to increase their business spaces. Technology companies will continue to play a role in real estate among other factors in the global markets.

Statistically, E-commerce and technology will continue to advance globally throughout the world. This will be a driving force for a business’ success. The resilience of businesses adapting technology and e-commerce will play a pivotal role in their future success. Using resilient strategies to be efficient a grow organically will remain a part of their success and profit margins.

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