Dubai Commercial Real Estate & Retail Success

Real Estate Transactions in Dubai have increased by 60 percent on a month to month basis. According to real estate experts in the area and developers, the rapid recovery is not unusual for this area. This is not surprising since Dubai has a track record of recovery in all real estate sectors.

The movement of tourism and businesses starting to come back to the area has allowed a fast recovery with an upward swing in the area. Developers are working around the clock to finish projects and keep up with the demand in the area. According to the statistics, property inquires have increased by 5 times since before the lockdown. Real estate agencies can not keep up with the level of inquiries due to prices being lower for investments in the area.

As commercial investors and businesses come in the area they will have to do business differently to attract all levels of customers. Retailers are noticing doing business as usual will not be the same after the Coronavirus. Specific factors will allow businesses in retail to be successful in the region:

Retailers Influence of Trends on Dubai Stakeholders

  1. Shifted shipping mix: Rebalance the shipping portfolio (e.g. third parties vs. in–house)

  2. Increased customer insight: Provide insight into customers through digital touchpoints

  3. Enhanced visibility: Enhance visibility to shipments, both internally and externally sourced

  4. Distributed distribution: Increase the need for distribution centers near urban centers to enhance delivery speed

  5. Proliferation of shipping options: Create need to vary service level (e.g. expedite for key customers, deliver to locker)

Customers Influence of Trends on Dubai Stakeholders

1. Increased delivery speed: Drive to decrease time between order placement and order receipt

2. Lower shipping price: Desire for insight into different price points and ′free′ shipping options included in a subscription (e.g. Amazon Prime)

3. Flexible destinations: Push for flexibility on location to pick up a package (home vs. smart locker)

4. Dynamic shipments: Ability to divert a package mid-shipment

5. Easy returns: Desire for hassle–free, low–cost returns

6. Simple tracking: Ability to seamlessly track individual orders throughout the journey

Carriers Influence of Trends on Dubai Stakeholders

1. Reduced cost: Reduce the cost structure of each individual delivery

2. Increased accuracy: Help to manage the network to achieve higher accuracy

3. Analytic insights: Enable predictive and prescriptive insights from network data

4. Increased utilisation: Increase utilised capacity and throughput

5. Shifted talent base: Enhance returns on hiring and retaining skilled labor

6. Increased safety: Minimise accidents and lower insurance costs

Source: Deloitte Insights (Future of freight: Simplifying last mile logistics)

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