Dubai a top friendly destination for investors?

Dubai is home of the MENA office of 196 Fortune 500 companies. The other factor that is calculated for investor opportunities is that the UAE is the 7th most globally competitive country. According to the research, in 2017 Dubai attracted USD 27.3 billion of foreign direct investment, ranking it 4th globally. Due to the location benefiting from strategic location between Europe, Africa, and Asia Dubai has been a top investment for a diversified portfolio.

The quality of life helps with ability to retain the top talent in the world. The quality of living across the Middle East and Africa has allowed Dubai to be placed in the #1 spot for attracting and retaining talent. Dubai is also ranked #10 worldwide in HSBC’s preferred cities to live for expats. Expats want a friendly destination open to opportunities for foreigners.

Sustainability is another element that attracts investors in technology and innovation. USD 27.4 billion green fund is supporting and financings green energy for projects. Digital technology and start-ups are attracting financial investors worldwide. Additionally, wholesale, transport, real estate, and manufacturing gain a large share of the investment portfolio for many firms. Healthcare is taking a strong part of the GDP and continuing to grow at 3.6%. Dubai is a diversified location for investors for visionary leaders that desire a thriving economic environment.

The gateway and hub of Dubai allows for improving and developing as a city. The state-of-the-art infrastructure will allow continued investments in the emerging markets with a diversified portfolio.

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